Start-up Brand Identity Design and Website Design

  • Logo, business cards and leaflet design
  • Business cards and leaflets supply
  • Bespoke and responsive website design
  • WordPress CMS integration
  • On-site SEO
  • Website and email hosting

Paulina is a massage and beauty therapist and she wanted to create a brand and online presence for her mobile business.

Brand Identity Development

Paulina wanted the brand to represent her and be the face of the company, so we designed a logo based on the profile of her face. It symbolises Paulina and also represents her beauty business. A lavender shade was chosen as the brand colour to emanate the home relaxation that is the USP of the business. It is complimented by a warm grey shade throughout the branding materials.

Website Design

It was important that the website was responsive and displayed well on mobile phones, as this it where majority of Paulina’s clients would view the website. The site uses the brand colours throughout and is consistent with business cards and leaflets. Photographs of Paulina are used throughout so that clients can familiarise themselves with the services provided immediately.

Copy Writing

Copy was written after the briefing from Paulina, who provided all the information of what needs to be included. We asked the right questions to make the text informative, easy to read and search engine optimised.

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