A/B testing programme grew revenue by £3M in a year

Ecommerce, Finance, Insurance
Growth analytics, Medium and large businesses
A/B testing case study
A combination of insight reports and competitor research uncovered key growth opportunities for this insurance and loans provider. And with Agata's framework for prioritising and managing testing, she reached substantial profit growth.

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Agata, Business Ahead director, managed the conversion rate optimisation programme for this popular UK provider of loans and insurance policies. It was one of the defining experiences that propelled her to build Business Ahead and help more businesses benefit from data-driven growth.

The finance and insurance services were part of tens of different products and services available on the website - and with large amounts of traffic, there were plenty of opportunities for a complex A/B testing programme.

Agata looked after several products, including mortgages, personal loans, travel insurance, gadget insurance and more. Each product had a landing page and there were often pages with supporting info too. The products combined an ecommerce experience with multi-step application forms, adding to the intricacy of the job at hand.

The key challenges included:

  • finding the right opportunities,
  • prioritising them effectively,
  • working with designers and developers to implement tests, and
  • managing workflow and conclusions to feed into ongoing experimentation for incremental growth.

Services delivered

A/B testingCompetitor researchInsight reportLanding page optimisationOpportunities prioritisation


Extensive research was the key first step in finding opportunities. Sources of data included:

  • web analytics data,
  • session recording data,
  • heatmap data,
  • competitor websites,
  • known information about the user from the client.

By combining the information, Agata was able to analyse existing user journeys and spot where and how experiences could be improved.

Experimentation hypotheses included:

  • adding new functionality like pricing calculators,
  • changing the design of existing page elements to increase their prominence,
  • changing value proposition angle in headings and buttons,
  • amending website structure by removing or adding links or changing the order of steps in multi-step forms.

Ideas were managed using Agata's own prioritisation framework, to surface the best opportunities at any given time.

Around 4-5 tests were worked on each month, building into iterative growth that ended up creating £3M extra profit.


Incremental online revenue growth of £3M in a year
New user and behaviour insight and a backlog of ideas to implement
Established processes for continuous website optimisation

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