Ecommerce startup is able to start website promotion and measure ROI with confidence

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Ecommerce startup web analytics
Ecommerce startup is able to start website promotion and measure ROI with confidence
Read the details of how we provided all the web analytics tools that a start-up needs to launch marketing activities effectively. From Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel configuration, through a reporting dashboard, to mini-training and documentation, Izzey and Vicky from XV Stripes are now in the perfect place to start marketing and being able to measure which investments provide the best results.

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XV stripes is a start-up Ecommerce brand that sells luxury, nautical bedding - inspired by the coast in the Isle of Wight. Having recently launched a Shopify website, they wanted to make sure their tracking was in place from day one so they can measure the return of their advertising, PR and social media investments accurately.

The other requirements were:

  • automated and easy-to-understand dashboard that shows how the website is performing,
  • data strategy that allows the tracking system to be upgraded and adapted easily as the company grows,
  • knowledge transfer that helps the directors and their marketing partners set up campaign tracking in a consistent way,
  • mini-training session that coaches on how to navigate the dashboard and Google Analytics reports to find key website metrics.

With the help of Business Ahead, they now have a fit-for-purpose website tracking system that will allow them to make the most of their marketing investments.

Services delivered

Channel tracking guidelinesData strategyData Studio dashboard creationFacebook Pixel installationFunnel visualisationGoogle Analytics configurationGoogle Tag Manager configurationShopify Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics


Even though the exact tracking requirements were not defined, we were able to use our experience to decide on the right data strategy for XV Stripes' business stage. We checked and configured all the basics and provided reporting and guidelines that would help them use their data in a meaningful way.

While it wasn't necessary to set up any advanced configuration, we did make sure that a few things were in place:

  • Shopify websites force you to use their native Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel configuration but we were still able to set up Google Tag Manager to complement this. It will be helpful for tracking extra user interactions and third party integrations.
  • We configured a Google Analytics checkout funnel so that any worrying drop-off points can be identified.
  • We set up an additional goal for newsletter signups.
  • We provided an advanced way to exclude internal traffic for the entire team and from multiple devices - avoiding the limitations of an IP-based exclusion only.
  • We created an automated and interactive dashboard using Data Studio. It shows website performance grouped by: Ecommerce data, Demographics, Acquisition and User Behaviour.

The documentation we delivered explained in plain language what was done and why. We also highlighted special areas of interest that will be particularly relevant for XV Stripes to collect and analyse their data accurately. The documentation was compiled so that it can be shared with other marketing partners for easier data management.

To make sure the information is clear and relevant, we also did a screen-share training that reiterated key points in the documentation and showed how to access key data.

Finally, we provided guidelines for recognising the next stages in their web analytics journey, so they know exactly when their set-up needs to be reviewed again and what insight will be possible once specific data milestones are reached.


Complete web and advertising tracking configuration + reporting that measures marketing ROI accurately
Web analytics growth strategy to facilitate marketing activities beyond the start-up phase

Client's feedback

"I run a start-up ecommerce business. I had some understanding of analytics, yet felt the need to get things set up correctly from the start to save any back tracking later. The key challenge for me was to set up analytics channels and dashboards to ensure data being viewed was useful for when I need to see what's working for my business.

Before I got in touch with Business Ahead, I was reading Google but I still wasn't sure if I had set up the right dashboard. I was worried the data wouldn’t have made any sense.

Business Ahead configured the Google Analytics account for me and created a dashboard that I am confident shows all the right data. It all actually makes sense.

Based on my experience within corporate life, the audit document prepared was of high quality, and laid the steps out clearly of what had been done and needs to be done. I was really surprised with the level of professionalism in both the document and the video-call run-through that helped me get my head round all that was delivered and what to do with it."

Isabelle Hung, Director, XV Stripes

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