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We discovered and fixed serious ecommerce tracking issues. Then, we showed how this tour operator can use the extra data we started collecting to provide a personalised experience based on buyer behaviour, like travel history, who they're travelling with and more.

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The marketing team at this successful tour operator brand wanted to take their growth to the next level. They had ambitions plans that involved:

  • growing the number of people taking up their tours,
  • establishing a loyalty programme to increase repeat customers,
  • start selling tours to businesses as a staff incentive.

At the same time, they were feeling confused about which channels were producing the biggest return on money spent and how to target their growth for maximum impact. Their Google Analytics was untrustworthy. Some key pages were excluded from tracking altogether and Ecommerce tracking was reporting less than half of their actual transactions (as we found out later).

Before getting in touch with us, they had been trying to improve their web analytics capabilities in-house. But without a sense of direction, they installed more web analytics solutions and gained no new insight. They tried to spend time and money on quick fixes. Unfortunately, no platform could report accurately on their metrics without customising it to measure their bespoke-developed website.

In the end, they decided to bring all their data into Google Analytics. And we were on hand to help with the challenge.

With our help, they now have a clear plan of action for how to fix their Enhanced Ecommerce tracking, connect their CRM data, and collect User metrics that will help their conversion rate optimisation programme.

Services delivered

Channel tracking guidelinesCRM and Google Analytics integrationCustom Ecommerce Data Layer definitionData strategyEcommerce trackingGoogle Analytics auditGoogle Tag Manager auditUser persona definition and tracking


We scoured our client's Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts as well as their website code to test and log all possible tracking issues. We paid close attention to data accuracy, but also tackled data organisation and opportunities for insight.

Once done, we prioritised all issues according to: importance for correct reporting, effort to fix and marketing opportunity. This was the basis of our action plan that included guidelines for UTM and API integrations and Ecommerce data layer detailed specifications.

With each piece of work delivered, we had a run-through call with the marketing and technical team to make sure the recommendations are clear and easy-to-follow.

We got to the bottom of their missing transactions and what they can do about them.

Our client now has a clear direction for how to drive further company growth using data-driven marketing.


Discovered the impact and source of missed transactions and devised a plan to make ecommerce data accurate
Connected web, sales, campaign and CRM data that is easy to analyse in a single platform
Detailed User personas and audiences that can be segmented for personalisation, advertising and wider marketing (including selling to new audiences like HR teams)
Facilitation of a loyalty programme to increase repeat customers

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