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"The course was very insightful, full of examples and the practical activities helped me understand the best approach and what are the do's and dont's. This training will change the way that I approach each project and how I work."

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Agata, Business Ahead director, worked as a Digital Marketing Analyst at Brother for over three years and played a key role in this global brand's digital transformation journey.

Brother is one of leading printer manufacturing brands, originating from Japan and well known across the globe. Rooted in tradition, the company recognised the need to support their customers online. Agata joined the European headquarters soon after they launched a new website across their 20+ territories. The website had both ecommerce and lead generation functionalities. It was important that it was performing well and that all marketing and product staff could work together to optimise it.

Agata was in charge of measuring website performance and promoting a data-driven culture across the European territory.

Services delivered

Data strategyGoogle Analytics training


Having accurate data is key for making a data-driven mindset work. Agata developed and maintained tracking accuracy, defining key metrics that were important for the company.

She was also in charge of implementing a continuous training programme that was delivered in several European offices. Overall, she trained 300+ people in how to use Google Analytics, tailoring specific workshops based on participants' job roles and priorities. She also provided ongoing support and follow-ups to encourage staff to use data-driven decision making in their daily activities.

With their new web analytics knowledge, teams were more empowered to use data in their day-to-day activities. During Agata's time at Brother, their websites became more customer centric and driving more sales and leads.

Being exposed to different stakeholder levels, business needs as well as cultures over those years helped refine Agata's coaching and communication techniques. This experience became the foundation of her coaching framework that helps companies become data driven.


The development of a data-driven culture across all European territories
Maintaining data accuracy to support ongoing website optimisation

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