User journey visualisation became the starting point for an A/B testing programme

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A UK-based loans provider gained visibility of how users interact with their application form and got a set of tools and training to help them kick-start an A/B testing programme effectively.

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We were drafted in to kick-start the A/B testing programme for this UK-based loans provider. However, with little tracking in place and a complex form implemented as a single-page web app, there was little visibility of how users interacted with the website.

The team were excited to start implementing changes and already had a long list of improvements. But without having data to back these up, there was little confidence about the next actions that were needed.

From doing the initial discovery, we identified three main areas that needed focus:

  • the team had no visibility of how users interacted with the website or which were the main drop-off points,
  • the web app was missing key events that would allow us to track it, and the developers were not familiar with how data is pushed into Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager,
  • there was no way of prioritising optimisation opportunities, dangerously inviting the possibility that decisions could be based on opinion alone.

To make the A/B testing programme a success, we needed better data and a clear framework for working together as a team.

Services delivered

Custom data layer definitionData strategyData Studio dashboard creationFunnel visualisationGoogle Analytics auditGoogle Analytics configurationGoogle Tag Manager auditGoogle Tag Manager configurationSingle page app trackingUser persona definition and tracking


It was great to be paired with an enthusiastic team that were eager to get started and to learn.

We started with developing and sharing a detailed tracking plan, complete with extra code developments that needed to be implemented by the developers. To help them understand these requirements and to get them on board, we delivered a course - a short introduction to Google Tag Manager for developers. With that, it was quick to get our code implemented.

With the extra code in place, we finalised the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager configuration and visualised user journeys using Data Studio. Finally, all the stakeholders could see the funnel and where the key drop-off points were.

To make our data even richer, we also implemented extra data collection to gather data that users were sharing with the business, like household income ranges or employment status. All this was anonymised and helped us build audiences for future testing and personalisation.

Finally, we customised our testing prioritisation framework to fit business requirements and provide the foundation for how to implement testing activity.

By three months of working together we started running tests, learning more about the users.


Visibility of how users interact with the site and key user attributes for segmentation
Shared tools for the whole team to use plus sessions that helped the team develop a more data-driven mindset
A/B testing prioritisation framework that provided a clear way to limit bias from decision-making

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