Data Analysis & Insight Reporting

Cut through the noise and extract the most valuable, KPI-impacting insights from your data.

Web Analytics Insights

Data without analysis is like having no data at all.

Already collecting data – perhaps from multiple sources? Does it sit somewhere, rarely to be looked at?

Without expert analysis aligned with your business objectives, raw data alone is useless.

Solve it with data analysis and insight reporting

Business Ahead transforms raw data into actionable, high-impact insights. We analyse your web analytics and develop a list of prioritised hypotheses of what actions you should take – and how to take them. We know which data rabbit holes are worth exploring (and which should be left alone) based on your goals.

It can help with…

Talk to a senior data analyst

They’ll walk you through Data Analysis & Insight Reporting and how it can help your business.

How does it work?

Business goals and data sources discovery

We’ll explore your business, market, and Google Analytics data. We’ll also find out what other helpful sources of data you already have available (e.g. from surveys, user testing, sales data).

This first step achieves a deep understanding of your current goals and challenges.

Google Analytics discovery

Data transformed into actionable insights

A thorough process of data analysis – from Google Analytics through to your other quantitative and qualitative data – reveals the relationships between data points.

We’ll transform these into compelling stories so you know what needs to be done – and how it’ll help.

Reports with high-impact optimisation opportunities

Each month or quarter, you’ll receive a report with a prioritised list of your highest-impact optimisation opportunities. They focus on identified business goals – including revenue growth, user experience improvement, and cost reduction.

Our experts will present each report via video call to clarify everything for your team.

Web analytics report

Our results

A/B testing programme grew revenue by £3M in a year

A combination of insight reports and competitor research uncovered key growth opportunities for this insurance and loans provider. And with Agata's framework for prioritising and managing testing, she reached substantial profit growth.

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What results can you expect from data analysis and reporting?

New Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your target demographic, their needs and pain points.

Sense of Confidence

With our detailed video run-throughs, you’ll know exactly how we arrived at our conclusions.

Optimisation Roadmap

Receive a prioritised list of the highest-impact activities you can take.

Bad, incomplete, or confusing data? Let's talk.

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