Digital Transformation Coaching

Optimise your workflows and empower your team to become more data driven.

Web Analytics Coaching

Siloed teams, processes and data are the biggest obstacles to growth.

Is your data disorganised – spread out between different teams? Do you lack transparency when it comes to sharing data? Fragmented data causes uncertainty. And when your people are uncertain, the strongest opinions often win over hard facts.

Solve it with digital transformation coaching

Digital transformation coaching

Business Ahead empowers you with a tailored program of training and process development. We’ll help your entire team understand how to use tools, data, and frameworks to collect the right data and feed it into decision-making.

It can help with…

Talk to a senior data analyst

They’ll walk you through Digital Transformation Coaching and how it can help your business.

How does it work?

Existing data and workflows discovery​

We explore your current development processes and learn about your business. You’ll share your workflows and co-ordination within and between teams like marketing, sales, and product.

We’ll find opportunities where data can help make communication more efficient.

Digital transformation discovery

Introduction to a suite of tools and frameworks

You’ll receive a toolbox of guidelines and frameworks tailored to your organisation’s needs.

These include campaign tracking guidelines, GTM naming conventions, web analytics coaching, and more. We’ll introduce these in stages and develop workshops to encourage your team use them.

Digital transformation tools

Continued analytics support and guidance

Regular catch-ups, stand-up meetings, and workshops as needed to ensure your team gets fully on-board. Exhaustive documentation and run-through calls help you keep track of what’s been accomplished – and how your new data is useful.

We’ll make sure you have all the support you need to instil a data-driven mindset in your teams.

Digital transformation support

Our results

User journey visualisation became the starting point for an A/B testing programme

A UK-based loans provider gained visibility of how users interact with their application form and got a set of tools and training to help them kick-start an A/B testing programme effectively.

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Training for over 300 marketers across Europe that helped power Brother's digital transformation

"The course was very insightful, full of examples and the practical activities helped me understand the best approach and what are the do's and dont's. This training will change the way that I approach each project and how I work."

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What results can you expect from digital transformation coaching?

Newfound Collaboration

Learn to integrate the right data and increase collaboration between teams.

Increased Autonomy

Equip team members with the skills, tools and confidence to use the data at your disposal for effective decision-making.

Data-Driven Culture

Get your people to trust in data instead of gut instinct. Your organisation’s decision-making will be better for it.

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