Google Analytics Health Check

Google Analytics health check

Investing in CRO or traffic is a waste of money without robust Google Analytics data

Most Google Analytics accounts have faulty or incomplete set-ups - make sure yours isn't one of them

Companies who increase their conversion rates by 6% in a year are the highest performers – a study by Econsultancy showed that over half of these elite stars have a structured approach towards Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). To do this, a data-driven strategy that sits across the organisation is a must. The sooner your business understand the importance of Google Analytics for CRO and traffic, the faster you’ll join the top performer ranks: worthy of acclaim, bonuses, and the customary fame and fortune that go with smashing website targets.

If you’re reading this, you know your GA is not up to scratch. At this stage, you want to find out the extent of the damage and to get your seniors on the same level. You need a conversion-growth-focused report.

We inspect your configuration against aspects including data integrity, data organisation and opportunities for insight.

You’ll benefit from the health check if:

  • You’re investing in new website features and want to make the most of your investment,
  • You’re committed to growing online revenue through increasing traffic and through conversion rate optimisation techniques (e.g. A/B testing),
  • You’ve started conversion growth activities already and want to improve your insight for developing better concepts, or you intend to start a conversion increase programme within the next 6 month.

Finally, a Google Analytics audit that shows you
how your data can be used to grow sales

Not another generic, automated audit

Our audit is mostly manual, except for scanning your website for tracking code issues. Before we do it, we ask you what metrics are important to you and what strategies you’re investing in – to prioritise all checks according to your most pressing KPIs.

E.g. when checking goals, an automated audit will tell you how many goals you’re tracking, and if they’re active. This might look nice colour-coded in a report page, but you’ll still be wondering what to do about it.

When checking goals, we’ll look at:

  • if your existing goals are relevant,
  • if the conversion data is correct,
  • if you should track other things as goals.
It’s data you can actually use to plan your optimisation.
Google Analytics audit
Agata Adamiak Business Ahead

“The GA Health Check is not going to transform your business… but it’ll show you where your top data opportunities are. Use it to fix your high-priority issues. Find out where to invest money in next to get a better return.”

Agata Adamiak

Business Ahead Director

Other leading digital agencies use our services. Here's what Nay had to say after we completed a Google Analytics audit for their client:

“Agata has a breadth of experience and knowledge that made them the perfect fit for helping one of our clients gain confidence in their data.

She conducted an Analytics Audit and a Google Tag Manager Audit, and provided an implementation plan for both. These entailed an identification of whether accurate data was being collected; whether the configuration was in line with our client’s marketing objectives; and whether there were additional ways in which meaningful insight about our client’s business, marketing campaigns and customers could be gleaned.

Our client is very happy with the work and feels confident that the data issues have been identified and that there's a clear plan in place for not just resolving them, but for also gaining further insight. It was a pleasure to work with Agata, who was organised and extremely professional.

We thoroughly look forward to working with her again.”
Nay Jackson testimonial
Nay Jackson
Measurement & Insight Manager, SiteVisibility

Here's what's included

Tracking Discovery​

Once you place your order, we’ll be in touch to confirm all. We’ll ask for access to your account and to answer a few questions about your challenges and goals. This will help us focus the report on the things that matter to you and your team.

We’ll still check all the basics, but we’ll pay close attention to the things that impact your revenue the most.

Google Analytics discovery

Your Google Analytics score​

We know your CEO likes a score. We don’t blame them! Apart form being handy for including in presentations, it gives everyone an instant indication of how well or how poorly you’re doing. 

We won’t disappoint. Use your score to benchmark your configuration against your ultimate optimisation set-up heaven.

This is great for sharing with your executive team to uncover the big picture and get them on board with your optimisation plan.

Google Analytics score

Top investment opportunities

A score is nice… but a breakdown will show off where the top investment opportunities are.

Your score will be broken down into 13 areas of focus, such as filters, Ecommerce or tracking integrations. Each will be given an indication of how well it’s performing and how important it is for your business.

Use it do decide where to put your effort to get you the best ROI for your optimisation programme.

Google Analytics score breakdown

Your top three issues explained

Your top three priorities will be explained in detail. These could be:

  • issues that affect how accurate your data is,
  • missing configuration where key data isn’t collected,
  • hidden opportunities that should feed into your A/B testing programme.

You’ll get an in-depth, easy to action, step-by-step breakdown of exactly what needs fixing, why and how to do it.

You can implement these straight away and get new insights that will impact your CRO activities in your next experiment.

Google Analytics actions

Debrief with your web analytics consultant

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging with all this paperwork.

You’ll get a call with your web analytics consultant to run through all the info. We want to make sure everything is plain and simple and you know exactly what to do to ramp up your business

Invite as many people as you like to the call and get your questions ready!

Digital Audit Methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

... the happily ever after

The Google Analytics Health Check gets you three quick wins that you can implement straight away. It also sets a clear direction for your future web analytics optimisation, identifying the top money-making activities.

Here are the next steps to make the most of your Google Analytics Health Check:

  • Implement your top three priorities from the report. You can repeat the audit every several months to find out how your score is changing and to discover new opportunities.
  • Get even more implementation guidance by ordering a detailed audit of your entire web analytics environment or a number of specific sections highlighted in your report.
  • Our analysts can implement tracking, check data accuracy regularly and bring your metrics to life with report automation – so you can focus on generating insights.

Make sure the money you invest into your website gets the return you want. Start with the Google Analytics Health Check.

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