GTM Auditing

GTM auditing

It’s easy to let your Google Tag Manager container get cluttered and disorganised.

Multiple agencies and employees managing workspaces can mean unintentional complexity of your GTM configuration. Inconsistencies and errors can lead to data accuracy issues, lengthy implementations, tagging duplication and misleading insights.

Our experience managing multiple GTM containers means we can develop and implement coherent taxonomy across your Tags, Triggers and Variables. This will help you make sense of your current set up and make future tagging requests easier to manage.


Data collection accuracy review

Naming convention and taxonomy development

Google Analytics configuration review

3rd party tracking review

Legacy tracking fixes

Abandoned tracking experiments removal


All audits are supported with comprehensive documentation. We specify your naming convention and create a guide to your current and future tagging best practice.

GTM Audit Process

  • Meeting or call with stakeholders to discuss requirements - Free
  • Comprehensive audit of GTM Container
  • Redesign of Container structure and taxonomy
  • Documentation
  • Tracking opportunities recommendations

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