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Read these in-depth examples of what challenges some of our clients faced, what solutions we were able to offer and what outcomes they achieved as a result.

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Ecommerce fix for a global leader in coach travel

We discovered and fixed serious ecommerce tracking issues. Then, we showed how this tour operator can use the extra data we started collecting to provide a personalised experience based on buyer behaviour, like travel history, who they're travelling with and more.

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Ecommerce startup was able to start website promotion and measure ROI with confidence

"Business Ahead configured the Google Analytics account for me and created a dashboard that I am confident shows all the right data. It all actually makes sense. [...] The video-call run-through helped me get my head round all that was delivered and what to do with it."

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Web app user journey visualisation created a new revenue stream

Our data tracking strategy helped make sense of user behaviour for a series of single page web apps. Played Software were able to upgrade their packages with these new dashboards that give insight into how users interact with the tool.

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Training for over 300 marketers across Europe that helped power Brother's digital transformation

"The course was very insightful, full of examples and the practical activities helped me understand the best approach and what are the do's and dont's. This training will change the way that I approach each project and how I work."

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User journey visualisation became the starting point for an A/B testing programme

A UK-based loans provider gained visibility of how users interact with their application form and got a set of tools and training to help them kick-start an A/B testing programme effectively.

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A/B testing programme grew revenue by £3M in a year

A combination of insight reports and competitor research uncovered key growth opportunities for this insurance and loans provider. And with Agata's framework for prioritising and managing testing, she reached substantial profit growth.

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