Web Analytics Audit & Optimisation

Eliminate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking issues and start collecting the data that drives growth.

Web analytics audit

54% of managers are unimpressed with their web analytics data.

But the problem runs deeper than bad data. Most companies are simply overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of raw data fragmented across different places and people – providing no clear path of action to take.

Solve it with a web analytics audit and optimisation package

Business Ahead puts the right data in your hands. With an in-depth audit of your analytics, we’ll fix any issues, visualise data relationships, and help your team make positive-ROI business decisions with your newfound insights.

It can help with…

Talk to a senior data analyst

They’ll walk you through our Web Analytics Audit and how it can help your business.

How does it work?

Business goals and tracking discovery​

We arrange a call to find out about your challenges and goals. We take a holistic view of your business, including your objectives, acquisition channels, and data sources. We’ll then audit your analytics setup for an exhaustive list of technical bugs and issues.

We’ll still check all the basics, but we’ll pay close attention to the things that impact your revenue the most.

Google Analytics discovery

Detailed optimisation opportunities report

We’ll prepare an in-depth report highlighting key analytics errors and opportunities for improvement – focusing on data accuracy, organisation, and relevancy. We will also highlight how web analytics data can be combined with CRM, advertising or social media data for ‘bigger picture’ insights.

This’ll show you the clear, prioritised plan of action that we’ll implement for you.

Web analytics audit report

Full analytics setup implementation

Our team will get to work, fixing your Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup. Tracking activities include ecommerce, goals, funnels, multi-step forms, cross domain tracking, and more.

Everything will be clearly documented, and we’ll have run-through calls with your team to explain our work, how to access the data, and why it’s useful

Web analytics audit implementation

Intuitive dashboards for your team

The final step is the creation of visual dashboards highlighting your most important trends, metrics and issues for your senior stakeholders.

Where relevant, we’ll also create views for specific teams – from SEO to social media and marketing.

In our debrief call, we’ll explain how everything works – and how to use it to maximise your online revenue.

Web analytics data visualisation
"We are confident that the data issues have been identified and that there's a clear plan in place for not just resolving them, but for also gaining further insight. It was a pleasure to work with Agata, who was organised and extremely professional."
Nay Jackson testimonial
Nay Jackson
Measurement & Insight Manager, SiteVisibility

Case studies

User journey visualisation became the starting point for an A/B testing programme

A UK-based loans provider gained visibility of how users interact with their application form and got a set of tools and training to help them kick-start an A/B testing programme effectively.

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XV Stripes logo

Ecommerce startup was able to start website promotion and measure ROI with confidence

"Business Ahead configured the Google Analytics account for me and created a dashboard that I am confident shows all the right data. It all actually makes sense. [...] The video-call run-through helped me get my head round all that was delivered and what to do with it."

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Ecommerce fix for a global leader in coach travel

We discovered and fixed serious ecommerce tracking issues. Then, we showed how this tour operator can use the extra data we started collecting to provide a personalised experience based on buyer behaviour, like travel history, who they're travelling with and more.

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What results can you expect from your web analytics audit and optimisation package?

Higher Quality Data

Collecting accurate, relevant data is the foundation for better decision-making.

Streamlined Workflows

No more fragmented data. Everyone knows how to find the information they need – when they need it.

Increased Stakeholder Buy‑in

Your entire organisation can rally around one source of truth – accurate, holistic analytics data.

Bad, incomplete, or confusing data? Let's talk.

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