Transform Google Analytics into your team's
data-driven decision engine

Stop wondering why your team can't find insights in Google Analytics.
Get the definitive roadmap that will guide you through the complete transition - step by step.

The instructions were detailed, digestible and with value beyond our expectations.

Arif Atkinson,
Head of Ecommerce, Hexagon Metrology

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Meet Agata

After years of seeing companies struggle with fragmented data and gut decisions, Agata knew there had to be a better way.

“Over the past decade I developed a rigorous methodology that combines governance, strategic implementation, and hands-on workshops to unlock the secret advantages in Google Analytics data.”

Now, her mission is to guide organisations to break the cycle of ineffective analytics. The GA4 Strategic Roadmap is her process for transforming data into an asset.

Agata Adamiak Business Ahead

Agata Adamiak,
Director of Business Ahead

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Inconsistent data hinders growth

Overcoming fragmented data for clear analytics success

You’ve invested in digital initiatives yet lack the insights needed to optimise activities and justify budgets.

With metrics you can’t fully trust, you waste time reconciling numbers and second-guess decisions. Your data has accuracy gaps but you lack clarity on solutions.

Meanwhile, competitors thrive with dependable analytics fluency. Their data autonomy becomes an advantage.

Past attempts to improve your analytics have fallen short without a strategic blueprint. There must be a better way.

Evolve your analytics into an insights engine

Imagine if your team, partners and executives could align around insights they trust.

A cohesive analytics toolkit often feels out of reach. With technology moving fast, you feel behind.

Our proven GA4 Strategic Roadmap transforms fragmented analytics into an engine powering growth through:

  • Pinpointing overlooked optimisation opportunities
  • Enabling high-impact capabilities
  • Establishing reliable data governance
  • Building team skills and adoption
Transform GA4 into a growth driving trusted insights engine
Agata supported our digital adoption strategy, we had aspirations to improve our customer journey and increase journey conversions we saw a 20% uplift in users completing key journeys which also resulted in operational savings.
Matthew Ormerod Assurant

Mathew Ormerod
Digital Account Director, Assurant


Your GA4 Strategic Roadmap

Google Analytics 4 Strategic Roadmap

The blueprint to transform your unreliable Google Analytics setup into dependable clarity.

Empower your team with insights.

With the GA4 Strategic Roadmap, you will unlock:

Laser-Focused Data Accuracy​

Our 100+ point validation pinpoints flaws undermining data integrity. Gain actionable steps that establish excellence while fixing issues.

Effective Implementation Plan

Our methodology plots your recommended actions on a timeline. Tackle important items first while gaining early wins. Confidently execute with our guidance.

Google analytics implementation for data accuracy
Tailored analytics strategy for industry leading success

Company-Wide Analytics Adoption​

Feel confident our recommendations build analytics excellence suited to your resources and needs, as you build trust in data across your team and stakeholders. The vision in your report justifies why analytics investments should get backing.

Industry-Leading Results​

Our roadmap shares practical strategies to improve workflows, taxonomy, and governance for long-term success. Evolve your team into an autonomous, outcomes-driven data culture.

Agata is a great communicator, able to explain things in a way it is understood by individuals of all levels in various forms.

Agata always seemed one step ahead, she would familiarise herself with upcoming changes to our sites to ensure that our analytics was available immediately so that we could guage the impacts these we having.

Fran Brown
Digital Account Director, Assurant

Here’s what you get with
your GA4 Strategic Roadmap:

100+ Point Web Analytics Assessment

Our evaluation spots weaknesses across tracking, analysis, and processes to reveal opportunities.

Google Analytics 4 Audit Checks

GA4 Readiness Report Card

Get an at-a-glance summary of your Google Analytics 4 data accuracy and overall analytics maturity with this scorecard. It benchmarks your setup before diving into detailed findings.

Google Analytics 4 scorecard

Interactive Recommendations Dashboard

We present recommendations visually to inform planning and stakeholder involvement. Our scoring ranks opportunities based on your priorities.

Google Analytics 4 sections

Insights Activation Guide

Receive actionable tips to fix issues and capitalise on opportunities across data reliability, acquisition insights, segmentation, e-commerce, adoption, and governance.

Google Analytics 4 recommendations

Monthly Implementation Roadmap

Your customised roadmap schedules activities tied to recommendations and forecasts progress over time.

Google Analytics 4 implementation roadmap

Instant Impact Quick Wins

These fast fixes create quick momentum while longer roadmap items are in motion. They require minimal stakeholder buy-in or technical skills to rapidly achieve benefits.

Google Analytics 4 Quick Wins

Audit Findings Planning Call

We explain audit findings and recommendations to strategise high-impact next steps tailored to your specific goals during this call.

Google Analytics 4 audit planning call

What's beyond the Roadmap?

The roadmap is just the start. Setting realistic expectations will ensure your success.

"What does implementation involve?"

Bringing a strategic analytics roadmap to life takes a diverse team with a mix of abilities:

  • Data architects to design tracking ecosystems,
  • Engineers to build flexible tag foundations,
  • Developers to embed tracking into experiences,
  • Analysts to create insights and reports,
  • Project leaders to align moving parts,
  • Training experts to build team capabilities.

But we understand rallying an analytics dream team is tough. So our roadmap adapts to your resources:

  • If you’ve got in-house skills, the roadmap provides everything needed for your team to independently lead implementation.
  • If you need help filling technical gaps, our experts can handle specialised data architecture and implementation tasks while training your staff on core skills to eventually transition knowledge.
  • Or we can fully execute and maintain the technical roadmap while empowering your team with the skills and access to data they need at all times. Rely on our ongoing support for training, maintenance and enhancements as an analytics partner.

Regardless of approach, our methodology and guidance tailor the roadmap to your business goals based on your resources and needs.

"When will I start to see tangible results?"

Change doesn’t happen overnight. But the future is bright and with you in control.

Your forecasted results and improvements in team capabilities will be outlined in your Roadmap. To give you an idea, here are some common expectations across timelines – dependent on the volume and effort involved in your recommendations and your available resources:

GA4 Roadmap 1 to 2 months

1-2 Months: Quick wins create initial momentum. Your team start to review conversion metrics and share data-driven optimisation ideas.

2-3 Months: Key user journeys are being tracked with a higher level of detail. Your attribution data is available to begin optimising your marketing investment budgets. You start to see gains from stopping some campaigns and allocating your resources more profitably. Your team are more involved in reviewing data and stakeholders are eager to hear your latest KPI performance updates.

GA4 Roadmap 2 to 4 months
GA4 Roadmap 6 to 12 months

4-6 Months: Analytics is embedded into your workflows. Developers follow your data contract to make tracking new features effortless, campaigns are analysed before launch and after completing so that insights can be use to deliver even better campaigns moving forward. You have a series of dashboard that make your data more democratised beyond just product and marketing, shining a spotlight on your effective and data-driven activities.

Repeat Assessment Discounts

As an existing client, get exclusive discounted pricing when repurchasing additional audits within 12 months. These special rates reward you for staying on top of evolving tracking needs and the latest innovationsin web analytics.

All your audits appear in one interactive report to track analytics maturity gains over time.

Discount breakdown:

  • 30% on audits booked within 3 months of last delivery.
  • 20% on audits booked within 6 months of last delivery.
  • 10% on audits booked within 12 months of last delivery.

Purchasing individual audits is subject to availability and waitlists. Consider the Yearly GA4 Review Plan (more details provided later) to avoid waitlists, spread costs, and protect from price increases.

GA4 Roadmap Service Value Guarantee

Our Actionable Value Guarantee

If you don’t achieve measurable data accuracy and actionable insight gains within 2 months of sincerely implementing core recommendations, let us know. We’ll advise how to get greater value via a complementary consulting engagement.

Agata continues to keep improving our data in ways we didn’t think were possible. We look forward to working with her from here on out.

James Clayson PlayedSoftware

James Clayson
Director, Played Software

How the GA4 Strategic Roadmap evolved

Initially, our audit was part of broader analytics implementation work. Recognising its immense strategic insights, we refined it into a standalone offering.

We’ve spent extensive time honing our framework based on analytics expertise and identifying common patterns from client accounts across industries and with different levels of martech stack and website complexity. Agata has fine-tuned recommendation categorisation, visual representations, and our proprietary scoring algorithm that flexes based on your priorities.

This streamlined approach delivers strategic value efficiently, while providing more tailored insights than typical audits. Our singular focus on analytics maturity makes our roadmap unmatched

The GA4 Strategic Roadmap is for you if...

  • You’re tired of ineffective analytics tactics while decision-making remains gut-based.
  • You’re seeking to build analytics autonomy into your marketing team.
  • You’re willing to dedicate resources to measurement, governance, and training.
  • You’re ready to lead an impact-focused data culture.

This is NOT for you if...​

  • You want quick shortcuts without workflow and skill changes.
  • You seek a one-time fix without ongoing governance.
  • You expect dramatic results immediately without effort.
Agata did some amazing work fixing our existing tracking and analytics set up. She was great at communicating the issue, and very speedy in providing and implementing the solutions. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
James Williams IMI Mobile

James Williams
Head of Digital Marketing, IMI Mobile

Imagine your team 6 months from now

Right now, inconsistent data hinders growth. But envision a future where insights enlighten every discussion. Data drives decisions confidently.

Gone are “gut call” budgets. Imagine accurately measured campaigns, with money invested where impact is proven. Performance is clearly tied to outcomes.

With our solution, this future is achievable. Our blueprint evolves your analytics into a dependable source of truth. Your team uncovers insights with ease. Leadership sees marketing as a profit driver and grants full autonomy.

Immediate goals are met. Solid data foundations allow you to set ambitious targets. Your marketing team becomes a competitive case study in data fluency.

Envision a data-driven future
Build trust and confidence in your data

Don't wait months to improve your data

You’ve tried improving your analytics data before without lasting success. But the longer you delay fundamental changes, the more you fall behind competitors with data-driven confidence.

With our strategic blueprint, the future is bright.

Our proven roadmap methodology guides you through evolving your analytics into an insights engine tailored to your goals.

Get started on your analytics evolution today. Our experts are ready to assess your maturity and provide recommendations to maximize your capabilities.

The time to take charge of your data is now.

Our GA4 Strategic Roadmap provides the blueprint for reliable Google Analytics data that stays dependable as you scale.

Popular upgrade options

The two products below are specially curated to provide extra value when you want your team involved more closely or if you have a special focus on reviewing the accuracy of your advertising data.

Recommended Add-On: GA4 Team Mastery Workshop

Combine the GA4 Strategic Roadmap with our hands-on GA4 Team Mastery Workshop.

In this hands-on workshop, guide your team in GA4 concepts while previewing analysis possibilities.

While full optimisation comes later with your Roadmap, this workshop establishes mindsets and foundations for budding decision-making competence. By spreading skills early, attendees gain confidence and inspiration.

Key Features

  • Two interactive 3-hour sessions
  • Exercises with your real data
  • Audit integration
  • Continuous Q&A
  • Frameworks, tactics, and materials
  • In-person or online options
  • Tailored to the attendees’ focus areas and background

Led by an Experienced Trainer

Agata has trained 400+ professionals in Google Analytics and digital marketing across the UK and Europe.

With a background in teaching and 10+ years in analytics, she’s honed a proven workshop framework centered around interactive exercises. Attendees gain applicable skills and mindsets for immediate implementation. Her personable approach makes analytics concepts click for any skill level.

Very well run workshop covering all the essentials when tracking our web analytics. Agata has been very approachable and friendly 🙂

Anonymous, Fieldfisher

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I'm really happy with the report and the workshop. We will defo use your findings, and I'm sure that we’ll be in touch with you, because your knowledge and your help is really appreciated.

Balint Nemeth,
Digital Marketing Manager, Fieldfisher

Balint Nemeth Filedfisher

Optional Add-On: Advertising Data Integrity Audit

Validate your advertising tracking integrations across platforms like Google and Meta Ads.

Our experts thoroughly inspect configurations, data flows, and analytics connections. We ensure accurate capturing and integration of conversions, events, and marketing data with GA4.

Receive confidence that your advertising performance data is trustworthy, empowering you to optimise spending.


  • Review of tracking integrations across ad platforms
  • Validation of proper data capture and flows
  • Confirmation of correct GA4 connections

Add this audit onto any package for a complete view of your website’s data collection and advertising optimisation opportunities.

Expand your Roadmap with further upgrades

Take your analytics to the next level by complementing your audit with additional strategic programs.

The Yearly GA4 Review Plan

Get scheduled re-audits to stay ahead of new gaps and benchmark progress in adopting recommendations. Spread costs evenly while securing pricing.

Data-Driven Goal Setting Coaching

Through workshops and meetings, we facilitate steps to align KPIs and metrics to business goals, driving unified analytics.

Team Analytics Capability Snapshot

Receive an objective analysis of your team’s analytics skills and processes, with recommendations to optimise their impact.

The Data-Driven Program

This ongoing service helps ingrain analytics excellence into workflows through implementation, analysis, and advisory support as your team builds autonomy.

Everything that's included in your roadmap

  • 100+ Point Web Analytics Assessment
  • Interactive Recommendations Dashboard
  • GA4 Readiness Report Card
  • Insights Activation Guide
  • Monthly Implementation Roadmap
  • Instant Impact Quick Wins
  • Audit Findings Planning Call
  • Actionable Value Guarantee

Optional upgrades

Customise your roadmap with add-ons like:

  • GA4 Breakthrough Workshop: Interactive training guiding your team on how to do analysis with Google Analytics 4.
  • Advertising Data Audit: Review of tracking across ads platforms.
  • Yearly GA4 Review Plan: Scheduled re-audits to maintain excellence.
  • Data-Driven Goal Setting: Workshops for analytics & business alignment.
  • Team Analytics Skills Snapshot: Review of staff capabilities and company-wide data-driven maturity.
  • Ongoing Support with the Data-Driven Programme: Hands-on help executing roadmap initiatives and flexible support in all the areas of web analytics you need help with.

Choose the plan that transforms fragmented data into your team’s trusted compass.

Book a Demo to Get Started

Our GA4 Strategic Roadmap provides the blueprint for reliable Google Analytics data that stays dependable as you scale.

In 45 minutes, you will…

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