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Web Analytics Consulting

Your CRO Manager is going to waste your marketing budget on analytics!

If you’re hiring a CRO Manager to jump start your online conversions, you’ve arrived just in time...

One of the main reasons CRO Managers fail or burn out is data clutter – being thrown into an unsavoury analytical soup and being expected to “get on with it.”

Some might not even have the housekeeping skills to get on with it. If they do, you’re wasting a £45,000+ salary on data cleaning*. Then, having the “Why are we still behind despite investing in a specialist?” conversation with your CEO… All because your data wasn’t in order.

With web data cleaned and prepped, your new CRO expert can help you optimise your website, smash your targets and finally get that well-deserved Caribbean holiday that last year’s bonus was supposed to pay for.

web analytics data cleanup

And, that’s our business.
We’re the data cleanup crew.

(Better than Kim Woodburn or your Auntie Gretta!)

Think of your website data like a hoarder’s house. Are you going to send a flashy interior designer into that bomb site?

Absolutely not. You’re getting a team of professionals to come in, clean up, organise and make sure everything is in perfect order for the designer to work their magic.

That’s what we do. We make messy website data meaningful. We make it visual for stakeholders to understand, and easy for CRO Managers to boost your conversion rates.

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What our clients say

Challenge: creating a data measurement strategy for upcoming website optimisation.

“Business Ahead have a breadth of experience and knowledge that made them the perfect fit for helping one of our clients gain confidence in their data.

They conducted an Analytics Audit and a Google Tag Manager Audit, and provided an implementation plan for both. These entailed an identification of whether accurate data was being collected; whether the configuration was in line with our client’s marketing objectives; and whether there were additional ways in which meaningful insight about our client’s business, marketing campaigns and customers could be gleaned.

Our client is very happy with the work and feels confident that the data issues have been identified and that there's a clear plan in place for not just resolving them, but for also gaining further insight. It was a pleasure to work with Business Ahead, who were organised and extremely professional.

We thoroughly look forward to working with them again.”
Nay Jackson testimonial
Nay Jackson
Measurement & Insight Manager, SiteVisibility

Challenge: tracking and reporting on interactions and goals in a single-page app.​

“Analytics and efficiently recording accurate data is a key part of our business. It’s also an area we struggled to find someone who could manage it successfully for us. Business Ahead took full ownership of the project, they clearly understood what needed to be done and how to achieve it. They removed all the worry from this part of our business and continue to keep improving our data in ways we didn’t think were possible. We look forward to working with them from here on out.”
James Clayson testimonial
James Clayson
Director, Played Software

Challenge: automating reporting from multiple data sources.​

“Agata is a whizz with data. I knew Google Data Studio was powerful; she brought that functionality to life, making a time-consuming task – reporting on the performance of 20+ websites for a multinational manufacturing firm – much simpler. She streamlined my reporting processes; I look forward to continuing to learn from Agata.”
Steph Bridgeman testimonial
Steph Bridgeman
Director, Experienced Media Analysts

Here’s how we save/make you A LOT of money

Web Analytics Consulting & Data Auditing

Web Analytics Consulting & Data Auditing

All that game-changing data you were supposed to track – the numbers that actually help develop a growth strategy – but, just ended up recording how many visitors you got last month… Yeah, we fix that for you.

We make sure everything you’re collecting is accurate, trustworthy, and most importantly, relevant. Now, you’ve got the insight for money-making action at your fingertips.

Google Analytics Implementation

Implementation Tailored To You

With the relevant data, it becomes easy to create growth strategies. We’ll support you in that too by giving you the specific metrics, dimensions, events, goals and integrations to upgrade and scale your analytics. Then, we’ll implement everything – from the mundane to the bespoke – to make sure you’re tracking exactly what you need.

Data Studio Visualisations

Data Made Visual

Our easy-to-understand, visual and annotated reports make drilling down into hyper-personal, conversion-happy marketing strategies a piece of cake. They’re also great for getting stakeholders on board using our highlighted data stories and relationship breakdowns.

Now, when your new CRO Manager swans in, they’ve got the best chance to crack your conversion code from Day 1! They’ll start quicker, deliver results faster and stay with you longer because they’re not doing the ‘boring’ stuff.​

Do you really want a few more months to slip by as your now disenamored optimisation expert tries to unearth the data YOU should have had waiting for them, allowing your competition to get further ahead?

Business Ahead Web Analytics Consulting

“Many digital agencies use data cleaning and organisation as a brief bolt-on to their all-encompassing package, focusing only on the metrics relevant to their campaigns. The rest isn’t their cup of tea…

Not us! We’re data neat freak geeks. Super passionate web analytics consultants. We leave no stone unturned, discover data inaccuracies and unlock hidden opportunities for driving conversions.”

Agata Adamiak

Business Ahead Director

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Let's work together

  • A/B Testing
  • Personalisation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • A/B Testing
  • Personalisation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our web analytics consulting team use Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio exclusively. And, because of that, we’re dab hands at helping you reach your goals through:

Website data strategy

GA and GTM auditing​

GA and GTM auditing

Tagging and implementation​

Tagging and implementation

eCommerce tracking​

eCommerce tracking

Single-page app tracking​

Single-page app tracking

Cross-domain tracking​

Cross-domain tracking

Advertising goal tracking and reporting​

Advertising goal tracking and reporting

CRM data integration​

CRM data integration

Social media and campaign reporting​

Social media and campaign reporting

Report automation and dashboards​

Report automation and dashboards

User journey and user profile visualisation​

User journey and user profile visualisation

Google Analytics training​

Google Analytics training

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How confident are you about your Google Analytics data?

Most Google Analytics accounts have faulty or incomplete set-ups – make sure yours isn’t one of them. Discover how far you are from a CRO‑ready configuration.