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Poorly configured Google Analytics accounts mean you can spend hours looking for insights.

And without confidence in your data, guesswork and opinions take over. You’re more likely to waste your marketing budget and your creative effort on things that don’t work. This means lower ROI and lost opportunities. 

Best‑in‑class Google Analytics configuration, geared towards producing insight

When you invest money in advertising and website optimisation, basic analytics just don’t cut it.

You need to see user journeys in detail. You want to segment your audiences based on behaviour and user attributes. And you need to be able to do it effortlessly.

We set up Google Analytics to support your business goals. Then, we introduce processes and run workshops so that you use the data to drive superior customer experience.

Our Data-Driven Programme includes a library of templates and processes that have been refined over the past 10+ years. And the framework was developed while introducing advanced web analytics to international, growing companies like Brother, Assurant and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Digital transformation support

Meet Agata

Learn how Business Ahead helps companies become data-driven. Meet founder Agata.

Agata continues to keep improving our data in ways we didn’t think were possible. We look forward to working with her from here on out.

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James Clayson
Director, Played Software

Popular solutions

Google Analytics 4 Audit & Governance

Streamline your team’s usage of Google Analytics 4.

This interactive report provides a roadmap for efficient and goal-oriented measurement with Google Analytics.

It features documented configurations and essential references, enabling your team to access valuable insights in just a matter of minutes.

Google Analytics 4 Migration / Minimum Viable Analytics

Get started with accurate measurement.

Fix data accuracy issues and measure your most important conversions. Includes troubleshooting and implementation.

Upgrade the package with extra features, dashboard and training as needed.

The Data‑Driven Programme

The complete support to implement the best-in-class web analytics set up. We equip you with all the tools and skills you need to run an effective website optimisation programme.

The programme starts with an audit and a measurement plan. Then, we implement, support and produce insights, prioritising your business goals.

The instructions were detailed, digestible and with value beyond our expectations.

Arif Atkinson
Head of Ecommerce

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The suite of services included in the Data‑Driven Programme:

Measurement implementation

We implement your measurement plan in a phased approach.

Make sure you’re tracking all your key metrics accurately and reliably.

Reporting automation

All your goals and stats presented to continuously tell you how you’re doing and where to focus your attention. We build a dashboard that combines your web analytics data with your advertising data, social stats and more to present a clear picture.

Data-driven processes

We ensure your data stays accurate and meaningful by establishing processes around collection, regular maintenance, analysis and collaboration.

We help you instil data-driven processes across your organisation.

Regular insights

Continue learning and optimising your performance. Build on the initial results and grow the impact of your marketing even more over time.

We’ll regularly examine your performance and evaluate your marketing activities to suggest new recommendations.


Your team can be a source of invaluable insight and brilliant ideas. With training in how to use Google Analytics and how to perform analysis, they will start optimising even more areas of your marketing in no time.

User testing and experimentation

Google Analytics is great, but it works even better when supported with additional research, testing and tools. We help you get started with these activities.

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