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B2B is inherently more complex than B2C. You provide sophisticated and niche solutions. Buying journeys involve multiple payment methods, liaising with additional suppliers and moulding bespoke packages.

On top of this, your users are driven by different emotions: they have managers to report to and regulations to comply with. The information you present must appeal to a number of people at the same time, each with a different agenda.

As Google increasingly rewards websites that respond to user intent, your optimisation should start with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and continue through to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). We apply user research to your entire website to get you the right traffic and then influence your visitors to buy.

Even B2B consumers are driven by emotion. We specialise in applying behavioural analysis, user experience design (UX design), analytics data, A/B testing and SEO in order to significantly grow websites’ profits.

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Industries we help

We usually work with suppliers in the areas below. If you have a different business, book a free consultation to see if we can help you.

Marketing for Branded Merchandise Suppliers

Branded Merchandise

Marketing for Office Supplies Sellers

Office Supplies and Furniture

Marketing for Catering Supplies Sellers

Catering Supplies

Marketing for Fire Safety Equipment Sellers

Fire Safety Equipment

Challenges that B2B ecommerce companies face

Whether you’re a distributor, or a manufacturer of products for business, you face some common challenges:

  • Tracking and targeting companies vs. individuals in these companies,
  • Clients use multiple devices from multiple locations to access your website,
  • Tracking integrations with your CRM system,
  • Long sales cycles make it difficult to attribute marketing spend,
  • Multiple media channels are used for marketing, both offline and online,
  • Multiple stakeholders are often involved in making purchasing decision,
  • Clients expect a more personal interaction with you – or do they?
  • Your products may be highly bespoke or have many technical features that you need to include in your online catalogue,
  • Clients may not fully understand which solution is best for them.


We feel your pain…

We can be your partner to help you determine and implement the activities that will boost your ecommerce sales. From creating a content strategy, to tracking user interactions, to making UX recommendations that boost conversion rates, we have the expertise to support your growth.

The strategies we use with our B2B ecommerce clients…

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Average conversion rate is 2.35%. Businesses that invest in CRO can increase this up to 10 times. We find out what is stopping your visitors from converting and get you more paying customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Make Google see your website as the authority in your field. This means targeted traffic of visitors who are interested to learn about your products and services.

Our B2B ecommerce experience

Business Ahead was set up by Agata Adamiak after a 10 year old career in digital marketing. She grew and optimised websites for UK Corporate Gifts (a branded merchandise supplier) and Brother International Europe (global printer manufacturer) – two distinct B2B ecommerce companies – driving their traffic and conversion rate growth as a marketing manager and a digital analyst.

She now develops successful website optimisation strategies for B2B ecommerce companies and is joined by a team of professionals – from UX designers, to developers and content writers to increase purchase conversion rates.

B2B marketing is based around educational content and effective funnels to build trust and encourage conversions. With a customer-centric and data-driven approach we make informed and profit-generating decisions when it comes to growing B2B online sales.

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