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Agata continues to keep improving our data in ways we didn’t think were possible. We look forward to working with her from here on out.

James Clayson testimonial

James Clayson
Director, Played Software

Hexagon logo
Hexagon webshop optimisation



Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and metrology solutions. They turn manufacturing plants into smart factories, boosting productivity and product quality for their clients.


This well-established company launched a new ecommerce website to increase the sales of their aftermarket accessories. But without a measurement strategy in place, they were struggling to see their customers’ digital footprint and to accurately report on their webshop performance. Their team were lacking the tools and processes needed to optimise their online sales.

They realised that to grow their online shop further, they needed to connect the dots between customer journeys and sales. Their driving force when contacting Business Ahead was to work towards creating a digital insight function in-house while growing the revenue from the webshop.


The initial Google Analytics audit and measurement strategy defined the path towards becoming data driven for Hexagon. Our collaborative approach suited Hexagon as they were able to see our process and how each activity was bringing them closer to achieving their business goals.

We delivered:

  • A measurement strategy with clear roadmap for fixing issues and gaining new insight
  • A list of data-driven actions to boost shop performance and generate hundreds of thousands of new revenue within months
  • A series of guidelines to keep data consistent and trustworthy

After that, we proceeded with Steady Growth Evolution. We continue to support Hexagon on their road towards getting more clarity and sales.

  • Web analytics implementation and maintenance
  • Report automation
  • Workshops and training sessions

With our solutions, Hexagon has the support it needs to make better informed decisions. As we continue to work together, their team is empowered to embrace more and more of their web analytics.

Business Ahead delivered value beyond our expectations.

“When we got in touch with Business Ahead, we knew our web analytics data was inaccurate – but we didn’t know the extent of the issues and how to resolve them. Agata presented a clear plan of action that was detailed and thorough. Her unique way of communicating and structuring information made it easy to understand and follow – even the technical details.

By having realistic analytics, we are able to make better informed decisions and launch campaigns that are better targeted and measurable.

We were impressed with the insight report: it provided value beyond our expectations. In the past we conducted analysis in-house and with other partners. Agata’s report was more in-depth, better thought-out and gave clear instructions on what to do to gain new revenue, all backed by data. Implementing these recommendations was a no-brainer for us.

The user guides are really helpful for the entire team to get on-board. We have adopted them as our internal standard and best practice for working with Google Analytics data.

We are a very successful organisation but grounded in face-to-face selling and we want to become more cutting-edge. Business Ahead is helping us achieve that and I’m inspired by the progress we’ve already achieved.”

Arif Atkinson
Head of Ecommerce

Hexagon logo

Agata is a whizz with data. She streamlined my reporting processes; I look forward to continuing to learn from Agata.

Steph Bridgeman testimonial

Steph Bridgeman
Director, Experienced Media Analysts

Played Software logo
Get Active web analytics

Played Software


Played Software are the creators of an activity finder app. With their database of activities covering the whole of UK, their clients offer local communities an opportunity to find activities near them and book online. Their clients include Change 4 life and Lucozade.


Played Software wanted to provide extra value for their clients by giving them access to app usage data. Unfortunately, web analytics data was either unavailable or incohesive and they were struggling to present it in a meaningful way.


Single page web applications are notoriously problematic when it comes to tracking – and this activity finder app was no exception. We needed to develop a new measurement strategy and implementation from the ground up.

Based on the app’s functionality, we defined the interactions that needed to be measured and the structure for how each element should be tracked. We worked with the developers to adjust some of the code to make sure accurate tracking was possible. Finally, we configured web analytics to collect all the data effectively and we performed all the necessary testing to ensure the data was robust.

Once the data was in place, we also built a series of dashboards that could easily be replicated for additional clients as they came on board.

As a result, Played Software could offer each of their clients a custom-branded dashboard that showed them who visited their finder, which activities they browsed and which ones they booked. This was a key innovation for them and it allowed them to produce a new revenue stream based on the insight generated.

Agata took full ownership of the project, she clearly understood what needed to be done and how to achieve it.

“Analytics and efficiently recording accurate data is a key part of our business. It’s also an area we struggled to find someone who could manage it successfully for us.

Agata took full ownership of the project, she clearly understood what needed to be done and how to achieve it. She removed all the worry from this part of our business and continues to keep improving our data in ways we didn’t think were possible. We look forward to working with her from here on out.”

James Clayson
Director, Played Software

Played Software logo

Agata did some amazing work fixing our existing tracking and analytics set up. She was great at communicating the issue, and very speedy in providing and implementing the solutions. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

James Williams
Head of Digital Marketing, IMI Mobile

Assurant logo
Assurant web analytics



Assurant is the Fortune 500 brand behind insurance fulfilment solutions for top UK banks.


Assurant has traditionally relied on call centres to log claims for broken, lost or stolen mobile phones and other gadgets. They are in the process of improving their customer experience and are developing ways to save on costs associated with running call centres.

The company is actively developing a state-of-the-art web application that allows users to log a claim and get a decision in seconds. Data is at the centre of ensuring that the apps are optimised and that users can log claims consistently. Unfortunately, when they got in touch with Business Ahead, much of the data was not in place and not ready for the future developments planned.


Agata has been working with Assurant to develop their web application tracking. She has also introduced processes to ensure that all the necessary metrics are meaningful, accessible and robust enough to respond to agile development changes.

After understanding what the key interactions were and what the future vision for the product was, we developed the tracking guidelines to systematise user journey tracking and to keep requirements consistent across multiple clients.

We continue to work with the Assurant developers to implement new tracking and to educate them on how to produce updates that ensure tracking continuity.

We’ve also implemented correct data collection and automated dashboards that help monitor the performance of the applications.

Finally, we perform regular analysis to define actions that improve usability and to monitor performance after each release.

The tracking and insight generation activities have saved Assurant and their clients millions in call centre costs over the past year.

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