A proven framework for becoming data‑driven

We work with International Growing Companies, who are at the place where they need their online activities to contribute meaningfully to their business KPIs.

It’s a joy to work together with passionate business leaders who do not settle for the status quo.

Everything we do at Business Ahead accelerates the outcomes our clients want most.

Here are the values that guide us in our work

1. We make your team data-driven.

Using Web Analytics is not a technical exercise. It’s an exercise in business, user experience, psychology, design and data science – all put together. Web Analytics should never be confusing. It is meant to be understood and used by business people to make sound business decisions.

That’s the energy behind our efforts in the plans we create. That is the guiding light of the insights we generate.

We put our all into how we present our findings: in written reports, in guideline documents and in run-through calls. Indeed, with every interaction, your team gets clarity. You get confidence. And a clear path towards achieving your KPIs using data.

2. We deliver results, not hours.

We implement complete solutions that provide value. It’s what we care about most.
That is why we are never bound by how many hours we spend implementing your solutions. In everything we do, you can be confident in the knowledge you are getting the outcomes of more clarity and higher sales. We won’t stop until we get there.

3. We are flexible.

Change is difficult. Top business leaders know that. However, they understand that the right changes are exactly what is needed to achieve their most ambitious goals.
You will become a data-driven organisation. One step at a time. We’ll make sure of it. And the pace we set will both challenge and support the unique way in which your team operates. We know you have goals, best-practices and a specific way of doing things. We’ll work on your frequency – while challenging preconceived notions – harmoniously achieving your goals as efficiently as possible.

4. We prioritise without bias.

Is one marketing technique better than another? Absolutely not. We explore them all. Quantitatively working with data to find the qualitative mix with the most potential. And then we help you implement tests that will give you tangible results.

5. We talk profit.

Profit is the common language in every business. It’s what we want the most: to provide our clients, employees and stakeholders with the most value that translates into great outcomes and the highest profit possible. We support this aim completely.
We will use all data available to surgically quantify the ROI of all your online activities. We’ll explain the full potential of our recommendations. We’ll detail exactly what you should expect. We get it. You are right. You need to know whether implementation will be worth the opportunity cost of capital, time and effort… Hint: it will be.

Meet the founder

Agata Adamiak set up Business Ahead after over a decade of digital marketing experience leading companies beginning their data-driven journeys. She pioneered the web analytics division at Brother, a well-known manufacturing company. Then, she achieved the same success at Ocean Finance, before running the Conversion Rate Optimisation programme at the Post Office while working agency-side.

Her unique combination of experience led her to develop a passion for creating a data-driven change for companies wanting to improve their customer experience faster using Google Aanlytics data.

She developed a framework that combines data strategy, web analytics engineering, a library of processes and carefully structured workshops. With this Data-Driven Programme, she equips marketing teams with all they need to find revenue-boosting insights and to achieve their business targets.

Agata has a proven track record of success partnering with companies who want to increase the clarity from their sales and marketing data. This has lead to increased conversion rates for these businesses. With her guidance, companies have reached their KPIs while making their marketing teams more efficient and empowered.

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