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We’re all about making things easy for you and your Digital Marketing Manager. Things like getting the results you need to sit back, put your feet up and think, “Yup, I’m awesome!”

To prove that, we’ve done away with the dull, “story of my life” About page.  

Instead, you’ve got an easy to skim About page that gives you the lowdown.

Here’s what you need to know

Business Ahead web analytics

“Who are you? What do you do?”

We’re data neat freak geeks. An elite team of digital analytics consultants and specialists that sort your data out. 

We approach everything with an agile mindset, sniffing out big revenue opportunities that get you the best results in the shortest time. And, help to discover the leaky holes in your business bucket. 

With all that juicy data, we make getting stakeholder buy-in and CEO updates a cinch. Data visualisation so beautiful and easy-to-understand you could hang it in your living room.

In short, we drill down into your website’s numbers to help you better invest your marketing budget and uncover friction points to help boost your conversions.

Sure, it sounds like fun. And, yes, we love what we do. But, when it gets down to business, we get serious. Super serious.

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"Who started Business Ahead?"

That’s me! Agata Adamiak. I love building efficient systems and it transcends my work life into my personal life too. From a thoughtfully labelled spice cupboard to a Trello board for holiday planning: nothing gets past my efficiency-seeking mind.

I use the same principles when building data solutions for my clients. I consider all scenarios for how your data will be used in the future to develop the perfect solution to store and visualise your metrics.

I love soaking up extra knowledge. Apart from being able to think-up and implement technical solutions, I have a background in business, digital marketing and conversion rate optimisation – and I also enjoy reading about psychology and sales.

I believe in knowledge sharing. I’ve trained over 300 people across Europe in Google Analytics and wider digital marketing. I enjoy developing bespoke workshops and there is usually at least some element of training or knowledge-sharing in every project that I do.

I’ve worked with finance, insurance and ecommerce companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups. My strategies, unique tracking setups and visualised data journeys have helped uncover insights that make sales and reduce cost.

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Agata Adamiak Business Ahead

"Where are you based?"

We’re in sunny Manchester.

However, we help businesses optimise for conversion rates across the globe, including Europe, US and beyond.

Well, there you have it; the meaty details without all the fluff you don’t really care about. 

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