B2B Website Optimisation Resources

Follow our updates to learn how to apply customer-centric website optimisation to generate more sales with your B2B website.

The start of the web optimisation journey is usually to drive targeted traffic to your shop or lead generation site. Read our top SEO tips for B2B websites to see how this can help increase your online sales.

With Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques, we analyse checkout funnels and user journeys. We discover friction points and make user experience smoother to maximise the amount of sales that your web shop gets and to increase the number of visitors making enquiries. Follow our CRO tips here.

Users by Time of Day Google Analytics

Users by time of day Google Analytics – replicate it in Data Studio

Build a Data Studio dashboard with a heatmap that will allow you to analyse your audience based on when they visit, as well as when and how they engage with your content. Read the tutorial and grab the free template. … Read More

Google Analytics impact on profitability

How does using Google Analytics impact B2B profitability?

If you’re considering upgrading your Google Analytics to include custom tracking, this post will help you find out which areas of the platform will have the biggest impact on your website profitability. … Read More

B2B Mobile SEO Strategy

B2B mobile SEO strategy in 2019 – the complete checklist

Mobile-first indexing means that even B2B companies need to be optimised for mobile to maximise their traffic. Check how you’re doing with our ultimate checklist. … Read More

Create unique URLs with GTM

Create unique URLs with GTM for tracking Google Analytics destination goals

Step by step tutorial for creating unique Google Analytics goals when your goal completion pages have the same URLs. Follow this guide to get insight on how much different pages contribute to your online success. … Read More