Multiply the success of your CRO programme ebook

Discover your
missing data

by fixing these 9 common Google Analytics mistakes

Easy wins to make you the most valuable person in the room

70% or A/B tests don’t produce a ‘clear and statistically significant winner’. Smash these odds and double your winning tests by creating data-driven testing concepts.

In this report, you’ll uncover the 9 hidden blunders marketers make when reviewing their analytics. Easy-to-avoid mistakes… when you know what you’re looking for.

  • How Google Analytics is skewing your ROI figures, costing you thousands of £££ in wrong decisions
  • Why your web developers are secretly, yet unknowingly, sabotaging your conversions
  • Your segmentation is suffering. Here’s why and how to fix it
  • … and 6 other key areas you must address to guarantee you’re not leaking money.

If you’re not using these 9 techniques to maximise your tracked data, you’re wasting £10,000s every year.

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