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You know data is the future of decision‑making for your organisation. Our Web Analytics Solutions help you transform your organisation from ‘data‑drowned’ to ‘data‑driven’.

Your data-driven roadmap

Take advantage of the right digital marketing tactics that will bring you more sales, reduced costs and better focus for your team. Gain clarity of what will have the biggest impact on your revenue and any other goals that are important to you.

Our founder, Agata, developed our data-driven framework after working with teams who were just getting started with online optimisation. She supported companies like Brother, Ocean Finance and the Post Office during this growth and identified the most impactful activities.

With these personal experiences and extra research, she’s built a three-step process that she follows when working with clients.

The stages are:

  • The Induction
  • The Transformation
  • The Evolution

The Induction stage shows you some quick-win opportunities and provides the blueprint for the foundation of your strategy. It’s covered with our “Digital Growth Blueprint”.

The other two stages are focused on implementation, empowering your team and continuous support and growth. We call it “Steady Growth Evolution”.

Read on to find out more about the process that will give you the clarity you need. Start getting sales from your online marketing activities.

Data-driven roadmap framework
Data-driven process outline
Becoming data-driven doesn’t happen overnight. And the process can seem overwhelming.
This is why you should focus on the important first steps. We get to know your business. Then, we like to prioritise making use of your existing data over collecting more data. Chances are, you already have some stats on your website performance, and on how your sales are doing. You might also have data collecting on your email and social media campaigns.
We like to start with this data. We know it’s not well organised and may be difficult to make sense of. But we can extract it, manipulate it and visualise it so that patterns can start to emerge. From that, we can compare your performance to industry benchmarks, spot friction points and opportunities. We then combine it with our broader business, marketing and web optimisation skills to come up with solid recommendations and with how much profit they could make you.
We don’t stop there. While it’s nice to have a set of actions you can start implementing right away, we all know you need the next steps that will propel your business for the months and years to come.
We answer this with a measurement plan. We audit your web analytics data collection in detail. This includes all aspects of your Google Analytics account and how well it’s connected to your other sources of data. Your data is scored so you know how you’re doing and each action is prioritised.
With this clear roadmap, you are in control of how quickly these recommendations for data collection are implemented. And we’re there to support you on your road towards becoming data driven.
With the Digital Growth Blueprint, you know exactly where to focus your attention to reap immediate and long term rewards. It’s the foundation that will set you up for success.
Web analytics audit report

Your Digital Growth Blueprint propels your data‑driven organisation.

Exhaustive. Everything is covered.
Synergistic. All the necessary factors are assembled together.
Clear. All elements are in front of us.
Focused. We cover all top priorities.
Complete. Nothing is left to chance.
Effective. You are ready to become a data‑driven organisation.
Revolutionary. You will achieve results as never before.

"Agata continues to keep improving our data in ways we didn’t think were possible. We look forward to working with her from here on out."
James Clayson testimonial
James Clayson
Director, Played Software
"We are confident that the data issues have been identified and that there's a clear plan in place for not just resolving them, but for also gaining further insight. It was a pleasure to work with Agata, who was organised and extremely professional."
Nay Jackson testimonial
Nay Jackson
Measurement & Insight Manager, SiteVisibility

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