Hiring a web analyst: in-house vs. agency

Web Analytics - in-house vs. agency

Once you decide you need the help of a web analyst, it may be difficult to conclude whether to hire in-house or outsource. In this post I go through the pros and cons, and take a deep dive into cost, scope, skills and more. I also offer one practical tip to get it right.

10 qualities to look for when hiring a web analyst

How to hire a web analyst

Have you and your team been struggling to approve data driven decisions? Or are you looking to build the foundations for a successful website optimisation plan? A brilliant web analyst has the skills to help you superpower your digital marketing campaigns and transform your business.

Here are the key qualities you should look out for when you are on the hunt for a brilliant analyst.

When is it the right time to hire a web analyst?

When to hire a Web Analyst

You may be struggling to find the time for web analysis – or you may be feeling unsure if you can trust the numbers in your Google Analytics account. Here are 9 signs that you need to hire a web analyst. Complete with what benefits this move will bring to your business.