What is a Google Analytics Audit? (And what do marketers often get wrong about it?)

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More and more marketing teams mistrust their data. In fact, 34% of CMOs don’t fully trust their marketing data. The problem? Marketing departments need to increasingly show the impact and ROI of their campaigns. Yet, having unreliable data makes strategic decision-making extremely difficult. The first step to solving this issue and rebuilding trust in your […]

Hiring a Google Analytics consultant: 5 things to consider

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Hiring a Google Analytics consultant can help you get control of your data and become data-driven. From troubleshooting any issues to ensuring you implement Google Analytics 4 correctly, getting a specialist can be the perfect way to resolve web analytics issues and bring new optimisation ideas to your team. However, finding the right consultant for […]

Measuring your website ROI

Measuring website ROI - Featured

From measuring its profitability to understanding which activities have the biggest impact on your revenue, calculating your website’s return on investment (ROI) has many benefits. Yet, a lot of companies struggle to accurately measure it. In fact, nearly 40% of marketers grapple with calculating ROI correctly. At the same time, measuring ROI is becoming more […]