10 qualities to look for when hiring a web analyst

How to hire a web analyst

A web analyst can help your marketing team get control of their data and become data-driven. But it may be hard to know what to look out for in a candidate. This article covers everything from the roles and responsibilities of web analysts to the qualities to look out for when hiring one.

Hiring a Google Analytics consultant: 5 things to consider

Hiring a Google Analytics consultant: 5 things to consider

Hiring a Google Analytics consultant can help you get control of your data and become data-driven. From troubleshooting any issues to ensuring you implement Google Analytics 4 correctly, getting a specialist can be the perfect way to resolve web analytics issues and bring new optimisation ideas to your team. However, finding the right consultant for […]

4 steps to developing a data driven mindset

Data-driven mindset

Developing a data-driven mindset is the foundation for improving your key performance metrics. It’s a process that helps you to think strategically and critically about your investments, campaigns and other activities, so that you can make decisions rooted in reason and evidence, instead of gut feel. This post covers the four steps that will help you work towards it within yourself and your organisation.

Web analytics data in financial services: 15 best practice tips

Web analytics data in financial services

Web analytics in the finance sector helps improve application rates, reduce call-centre costs, improve retention, and enable retargeting. This how-to guide will teach you how to support your team towards profits. Tips will include how to resolve seven common tracking challenges in banking and how to systemically deal with small problems before they become future emergencies with eight key strategies.

Hiring a web analyst: in-house vs. agency

Web Analytics - in-house vs. agency

Once you decide you need the help of a web analyst, it may be difficult to conclude whether to hire in-house or outsource. In this post I go through the pros and cons, and take a deep dive into cost, scope, skills and more. I also offer one practical tip to get it right.

MeasureSummit 2020 – would I go again?

Measure Summit 2020

If you’re wondering if attending Measure Summit 2020 was worth it, check out this post where I reveal what the experience was like for me. I go through all the details: from the quality of the hosts and speakers to operations. Find out what the verdict was and let me know if you agree.

When is it the right time to hire a web analyst?

When to hire a Web Analyst

You may be struggling to find the time for web analysis – or you may be feeling unsure if you can trust the numbers in your Google Analytics account. Here are 9 signs that you need to hire a web analyst. Complete with what benefits this move will bring to your business.

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